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Cook in Freedom: Butane Gas Burner for Picnics and Camping

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About this item
1- Stainless Steel
2- MATERIAL & COLOR - This Portable Gas Stove Is Made With High Quality Water-resistant Stainless Steel. And This Outdoor Camping Stove Is Comes With Its Own Mesh Carry Bag So You Can Easily Carry With You Anywhere Like Picnic, Camping, Hiking, Travelling, Trip, Tour, Or Other Outdoor Activities. This Backpacking Stove Is Comes With In Red Color.
3- ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - This Windproof Butane Gas Burner Is Stable And Safe Because This Portable Camping Stove Is Having The Weight Carry Foot System. This Portable Stove Is Having A 4-Arm Base Support System- It Is Very Supportable For Cookware To Cooking The Food.
4- COMFORTABLE FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITES - This Metal Primus Is Having Baffles Around The Gas Burner So This Baffles Is Reduces The Effect Of The Wind On The Flame Of The Stove. So This Camp Stove Is Very Useable In Outdoor Camping Cooking.
5- REDUCE GAS WASTE - This Picnic Cylinder Stove Is Comes With Super Flame Control Facility. In This Butane Gas Stove Chulha We Can Adjust The Flame Of The Stove By The Rotation Of The Button- It Is Reduce The Gas Waste.

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