Collection, packaging, shipments and returns


Collecting your orders :

After the purchase of a product or service, the order remains pending until validation of the availability of the order by the supplier. If necessary, the cancellation of the order and the refund are made within the limits of the collecting deadlines.    Collecting times are displayed on the product page


Packaging :

The choice of packaging and delivery provider is made during the purchase process. Our company will set the price for these services based on the size and weight of the package you are going to send. This means that the smaller the package, the less expensive it will be.


Delivery anywhere in Morocco :

EComya is the aggregator of several delivery providers, is now present throughout Morocco to ensure good quality home delivery and within adequate time.   

National and international express delivery in record time by experienced couriers.   

With a single bank account and through our platform, you can benefit from a wide choice between recognized service providers in Morocco    Several delivery attempts   

We also offer late deliveries if necessary, following the customer's request.   

Real-time monitoring thanks to a computerized system: eComya provides better handling and traceability of parcels thanks to an advanced digital platform that constantly adapts to digital developments and the expectations of e-merchants.

Track your packages in real time on our advanced platform and receive alerts that inform you of the status of your shipments.

You have total visibility on the delivery of your parcels.

Return of express funds (within a few hours after delivery), eComya undertakes to send you your amounts collected by means of a 100% digitized and reliable method by two options: a normal transfer between 5 days to 10 days or an express transfer between 12 hours to 48 hours.   

Attractive rates: eComya is committed to establishing a reliable and lasting WIN WIN relationship with its customers with mutual benefit. So we charge competitive prices. Our commercial offer demonstrates that you can offer your customers home delivery of good quality and at reasonable prices.   

Make returns management easier with eComya!   Receive your returns free of charge each week accompanied by a detailed and sealed return slip from management.


Delivery from Morocco worldwide :

Go global: we'll help you pave the way.

Being present in the world can be easier than you think. With expertise, infrastructure and resources spanning all destinations and territories, we will help you quickly, efficiently and successfully.

If you plan to make many international shipments, it will be necessary to find the partner who perfectly meets your needs for shipments abroad, one of the greatest logistical challenges of an e-commerce. For this, it is essential to take your time to find a reputable logistics provider offering affordable prices, who will be able to ensure that your packages arrive on time and in the hands of your customers, and all this without encumbers.

eComya is the right partner that offers you international express delivery with affordable and reasonable rates.

Our company will price their service based on the size and weight of the package you are going to send. This means that the smaller the package, the less expensive it will be.


Delivery price (as an indication):

The prices are displayed during the purchase process, the following prices are indicative:

Delivery in casablanca : Start from 15 MAD including tax

Delivery outside casablanca: Start from 35 MAD including tax

Fulfillment to Marketplaces (Exp: Jumia marketplace): Start from 5 MAD including tax

You can download the list of cities, times and prices nationally and internationally

Cities Time Prices MAROC


Returns Policy :

2 scenarios:

1- Delivery in dropshipping mode (direct sale by delivery from the supplier to the consumer customer): The quality control option must be chosen to benefit from quality assurance. This insurance covers the reimbursement of the consumer customer and the return of article by eComya.

2- Collection for storage at our warehouses: In this case you can submit a return request for the items within 7 days of the collection date. if you receive a non-compliant, damaged, defective item, eComya returns the item to its supplier and changes the status of the order to non-compliant and reimburses you.