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dog food scoop

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Slow Down Feeding Ball Once putting treats in a ball, Your dogs and cats have no choice but to eat what is dispensed. They need to do more work and physical exercise to get the food. So the interactive food dispensing ball toy will slow down feeding.
Pet IQ Treat Ball Toys Specially designed within the tumbler feeder enables dogs or cats to overcome some obstacles to get the food. This hard work is rewarded with food or treats coming from the toy, which serves as a toy and a food dispenser. So increasethe IQ of your pets.
Keep Pet Healthy Activity The transparent storage and the top of the air holes allow your pets to see and smell their favorite food inside and get them interested to interact with it. So that to reduce boredom and destructive through healthy play and exercise while developing behavior and maintaining their mental and physical alertness. Feeding and Training, health and activity.
100% Safe Material Easy to Clean The dog ball dispenser is made of ABS+PC material, 100% safe for our pets and stable, durable, non-toxic and safe food container. The food dispenser Toy has two parts which can easy to open, it's easy to put more snacks,easy to clean.
Easy to Clean - Interactive balls are easy to unscrew to add food or snacks and make cleaning easy. Rinse each part with foamy water, ensure internal drying before filling.

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