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care Massage Gun for Muscle Pain Relief

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About this article
?‍♂️ RELIEVES MUSCLE PAIN - The B-care massage gun relieves contracted muscles and prevents soreness. It quickly removes the lactic acid produced after exercise, significantly reducing your muscle recovery time between your workouts.
⚒ 8 MASSAGE HEADS + 32 SPEEDS - Our B-care massage gun comes with 8 interchangeable massage heads that can treat different body parts and muscle groups. The 32 massage speeds available allow you to choose the ideal vibration speed that suits you, comfortable and efficient.
? LED SCREEN - Equipped with an LED screen, the B-care massage gun displays the selected speed. You can increase or decrease the speed of the electric massager simply thanks to the "+" or "-" buttons.
? PORTABLE WIRELESS - NOISE-REDUCING - Unique noise-reducing technology for a calm back easy after your sports sessions. The B-care massage gun is lightweight, wireless, easy to handle thanks to its handle and therefore transportable.
? ULTRA LIGHT AND ERGONOMIC - With a weight of only 640g the B-care is accessible to all! Its ergonomic wrist allows an easy grip even with small hands.

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