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car wash gun, 48VF LAMBOSS with single battery

Ref produit (SKU) : 0180-15479-36a364 Home
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MULTI-FACETED CLEANING The sprayer wand extension helps clean dirt on vehicle surface, floor, lawn effectively, also with curved rod helps you clean hard to reach areas e.g. mud, chassis, roof, pronounce, save time and energy. DURABLE It was made of durable material. Stainless steel wand, brass quick connect and durable plastic adapter, anti-rust and wear-resistant, ensure long-term use without damage. RUBBER SLEEVE Equipped with rubber plastic sleeve, the spray nozzles can be removed and installed, quickly replace water jet lance nozzles and easy to store. Made of quality natural latex and thickened high elastic outer fabric, the hose can be used for a long time. A variety of functions are not limited to car washing, but also can meet the cleaning needs of various other scenes . Portable car wash, car wash can be done with water so you can easily store it anywhere in your yard, garage or homeThere is no need for garden hoses and it allows for pump fresh water into buckets, bottles, streams or swimming pools.

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