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Home Car Dual-use Dry and Wet Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ref produit (SKU) : 0758-14031-7d572e Home

The latest type eco cyclone technology 2 in 1 can function as a vacuum cleaner and dryer (dryer).

- Equipped with HEPA FILTER which further guarantees that the output dust particles are not scattered again.
- There are 3 mainstay filter layers.
- A rust-free and easy-to-clean plastic filter is in the air inlet.
- The second layer hepa filter to trap all particles by 0.3 microns so that from small fleas, dust and allergens can be held deep.
- sponge filter at the output air outlet.
- Provided 6 types of vacuum heads
1 pc crevice noozle,
2 pcs extension tube,
1 pc hose,
2 pcs rotation brush,


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