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Leak-proof Double-layer Bento Box with Accessories

Ref produit (SKU) : 0179-13200-6c6214 Home

Description :

Discover our double-layer bento box, not only leak-proof, but also equipped with practical accessories to make your take-away meals even more enjoyable. Made of food-grade BPA-free materials, this bento box ensures the safety of your daily meals without compromising taste or nutritional integrity.

Features :

Food-Grade Materials: BPA-free, safe and odorless, ensuring the safety of your meals.
Useful Accessories Included: Comes with full-sized spoons and forks, ideal for meals on the go.
Lightweight and Durable Design: Elastic sealing ring and snap-on cover ensure reliable air tightness, preventing leakage.
Versatile: Suitable for microwave, freezer and dishwasher use, providing maximum convenience.
Versatile Lid: The lid can also be used as a phone holder during lunch breaks.
Attractive Colors: Available in blue, green and pink to meet your personal preferences.

Specifications: Brand Ouktor, Dimensions: 21.511.511cm.


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